About Us

Resonant Sciences is a research and development firm located in Dayton, Ohio focused on developing and transitioning innovative technologies and solutions to developmental and operational platforms. Our areas of expertise include FSS radome and antenna design and fabrication, custom electronic solutions, and RF measurements of materials, antennas, radomes, and subsystems. Our technical staff is nationally recognized for contributions to their respective areas of specialization.

Sensor Systems

Resonant Sciences specializes in the design and manufacture of antennas, radomes, and composite structures. Resonant engineers augment their extensive experience of RF systems with advanced CEM codes and tools to develop systems that meet and exceed customers’ performance requirements. Resonant engineers have a proven ability to design, develop, and transition hardware from laboratory prototypes to real-world fielded hardware.


Resonant Sciences’ engineers and scientists have led the development of RF systems with digital and analog functionality and control that are fielded on many operational aircraft and missiles. These platforms include the EA-18G and RIVET JOINT aircraft and Excalibur missile. Systems have been designed for flightworthiness, including human inhabitable environments, through full MIL-SPEC and 20,000 Gs. Specialty areas are high power interference cancellation systems, digital cancellation systems including FPGA implementation and specialty algorithms, digital receivers, and one- and two-antenna wideband same frequency repeaters.

Modeling and Measurements

Resonant Sciences employs a suite of CEM tools such as CST Microwave Studio, RAM2D, NEC-BSC, and other custom codes that facilitate the detailed analysis of antennas, radomes, RF circuits, and materials. Resonant Sciences operates a state of the art Microwave Laboratory for the RF characterization of materials, antennas, and radomes. The laboratory includes a full suite of waveguide and resonant cavity test fixtures for measuring the constitutive properties of dielectric and magnetic materials. A transmission tunnel and a reflection arch are available for the measurement of dielectric materials, FSS circuits, and radome panels. Resonant personnel specialize in RF test hardware design and fabrication, including test bodies, as well as custom system design for applications such as antenna and radome testing and characterization.